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This is the home page of Jeff Cook (Jeffrey Valjean Cook). Since 1977 I have lived in California, primarily in Venice, where I live with my wife Sylvia and my daughter Mika. My most recent employment was with McAfee (then called Network Associates Inc.), where I was Director of Internal Research and Development (IR&D) for NAI Labs. Here is my resume. I retired from Network Associates in February of 2003 and I am now self-employed.

My currently active hobbies are science fiction, computers, frisbee, the beach, boogie boarding, and carpentry. An esoteric longer-term hobby is marketry and ceramic tiling using non-periodic infinite tilings of the plane. Practical skills include many aspects of computer hardware and software operation, with emphasis on programming languages and cryptography, and home-improvement skills such as carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and landscaping. I have purchased and remodeled, with Sylvia as partner and primary design consultant, seven homes since 1991.

Oh, and true to my namesake, I also like to cook. I'd like a Web interface to my recipes, and I have a computer in my kitchen, so some of my recipes will show up here eventually.

My Half-Barrel Pond Page contains information on a new interest of mine: ponds. My inspiration came from reading the newsgroup rec.ponds and from the Pete's Pond Page.

Mika Zyn Cook This is a photo of my daughter, Mika, taken during her sixth birthday party on the beach in Marina del Rey. Here are some photos of Mika surfing on the beach in Santa Monica, California (1999). And here is her (perhaps defunct) proto-website.

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